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Welcome to Heartfelt Teaching

We specialise in support for Mental Health and Wellbeing in Primary Schools. We believe that all school staff should be educated and supported in understanding how the adult- child relationship impacts on the development of a child’s brain. Through helping adults and children to build strong relationships with awareness, reflection and emotional regulation this enables young people to fulfil potential.

Heartfelt Teaching believes in building your capacity to support Mental Health and Wellbeing by developing sustainable practical solutions. Relationships are at the centre of our approach, recognising the significance of these for child development. We offer information and support for staff and parents as well as children and young people.


We provide integrative systemic approaches based on neuroscience, trauma, mental health and attachment perspectives and the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This promotes positive behaviour and develops optimum conditions for teaching and learning in schools.

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Our Services

Heartfelt Teaching offers a wide range of services including:



‘I have received training and reflective practice from Karen and have found that both have had a big impact on developing my skills for understanding the theories behind emotional and behavioural needs in my class. Reflective practice has given me time to reflect, think and have space to consider the complex needs of my class.‘


Sabina Wolczynski (Year 4 class teacher and year leader)

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